Pressure Washing

coquitlam port coquitlam vancouver pressure washing servicesFor an exterior paint job to be successful, a thorough pressure washing is necessary. The over-growth of moss, mildew and accumulating dirt prevent the paint to adhere to a surface properly causing paint failure and premature flaking. Once that happens, it takes fair amount of work for the painters to scrape, sand and prime before the paint application, which can be a very costly prep work.

Besides providing durability for the paint job, an extensive pressure washing prolongs the life of all other areas around the property. For example, your driveway, sidewalks and stone features will stay in good shape for much longer when they get cleaned regularly.

At Glamour Painting, we have all the tools, equipment and experienced staffs to pressure wash all types of surfaces including areas hard to reach and will get the job done fast, safely and hassle free.