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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

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People who have remodeled their kitchens before know about the long procedure and high-cost involved. If you want to avoid living without a kitchen for months and the construction mess, maybe refinishing the cabinets can be a good option for you. However there are a few important factors that you should know of before getting started.

Preparations: As the stain or paint wears out over time, the wooden cabinets normally stay in a good shape. If the work takes place on site, the job usually begins with a thorough preparation including covering the floor and surroundings, removing chipping and loose layers and sanding the surfaces to make it as smooth as possible. It is usually easier to remove the hardware rather than trying to tape them off or brush around them. After vacuuming and cleaning the dust, a solvent-based primer should be applied over the stain or glossy oil-paint surfaces. An oil-base primer can work both as a good stain-covering and bonding agent and offers a good coverage. If you need a more eco-friendly product, you can also use a water-base primer which is easier to clean up but it may not give you the best coverage over the stain.

Applications: Once you're ready to paint, all you need is a gallon of a durable paint such as cabinet melamine or any other similar product in the market. The paint can be applied by either a spray machine or a special lint-free roller and brush. The spraying may be quicker but can be messy if you're not a professional and requires more covering and masking from the over-spray. In addition, you need the needed equipments and basic knowledge to operate and apply the paint evenly. Brush and roll on the other hand might be less messy and easier to work with but it can take a bit longer to complete the paint job. One also requires some hands-on painting skills not to leave many brush marks or runs while painting. Which ever techniques you choose, there are online videos and websites available on the internet that can help you get through the process.

Final steps: Once the cabinets got the final coat and the paint fully cured, most people want to upgrade the old handles and hinges as well. Fortunately, cabinet hardware is not overly expensive to buy and you can find lots of shapes and colours to match the new paint colour and style of your cabinets. If you wish and your budget allows, you can even add more updates such as moldings and lights for a more appealing look without breaking your budget.

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